There is just a bit too much on your mind and on your plate right now. Sometimes you wonder how much longer you can keep it all together. You are used to having a full life and a busy schedule, it’s always felt interesting and fun. Lately though, you find yourself preoccupied, worried and tense, sometimes without even knowing why. What’s happening and how do you get back to feeling like yourself again ?

Many women find themselves feeling stressed, worried, exhausted or overwhelmed at this age and stage. There is a lot going on, to be sure. You’re trying to get your children launched and out on their own, while your parents are aging and need more from you. You’re at the top of your career, or trying to get there and sometimes worry about being replaced by someone younger. You are preoccupied about the changes you are seeing in your face and body as you head into your 50s. You are looking good, but is it good enough ?

The hormonal changes at mid life affect mood, energy and state of mind, as well as our bodies. These changes can affect how we feel about ourselves and cause unwanted shifts in our behavior at home and at work. Sleep and mental clarity can suffer, causing us to become irritable, tense and forgetful. Many women are distressed by these changes and worry that they are heading into a mid life crisis. It can be a trying time, but there is help.


Hi, my name is Diann Wingert and I am a therapist who specializes in working with women at mid life. I use a three step model that I created based on my own experiences, so I know what worked for me and will work for you too. It’s a customizable approach, based on your unique struggles, strengths and preferences, but always incorporates a balance between talking and tools. By the time we finish working together, you will have new clarity, confidence and calm and be ready to face the challenges ahead.

We women expect a lot of ourselves and at times are our own worst enemy. If you are trying to “have it all, be it all and do it all” and all at the same time, this is a set up for burn out and emotional collapse. Especially when your hormones and life circumstances are in upheaval.

You can think of me as your guide, mentor and cheerleader, helping you find your way back to a more balanced mind and perspective. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who isn’t a friend or family member. You don’t have to do this alone. Give me a call today and let’s get you started feeling better.

Call 818-679-4879 (Confidential Voicemail/Text) or Email me to see if my approach is a good fit for you.